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Asset Pro Launches New STS Client Portal

I am pleased to announce the launch of a single point client gateway that will allow all STS clients to create a personal account on one single platform to effectively manage all aspects of their trust programs. This Client Portal offers users a secure, one-stop repository of information and links that lead and point you to all other sources of information that you may require. This portal can be used by trustees, successor trustees, powers of attorney, or executors as authorized. We need to approve all users to the platform shortly after registration but you can begin to browse the platform now using our test account. The username is and the password is assetpro.

For example, here are the sections currently available to logged-in approved users.

  • My Account: A convenient place to detail all your current contact information.

  • Client Profile: Information about the person who is managing a particular trust account through this login ID. If there are two trustees who require access, simply create a second login ID and I will link the same source files to both accounts. That way, both Trustees can have individual account access to the same information.

  • STS Profile: This page is where you will detail the Trust creation date, the Trust and LLC names, as well as the active trustees. It also contains a link to a PowerPoint slide showing the current structure of all entities within your STS Program.

  • File Management: This page provides a convenient permanent link to the upload file function that is used to send us time-stamped files that can be used in the future to prove correspondence activity. It also has your direct link to a private OneDrive folder that will be created for you to securely store key information and documents about your STS. These files will be live synced to the cloud and to our server. You may even request an extra layer of security to the OneDrive link by submitting a request to have us create a top level password for the folder.

  • My Courses: This page offers a link back to the Teachable platform and provides a place for you to detail your login username and password to the courses so 1) you don't forget them, and 2) so you can plan for an easy succession to your successor trustees.

  • My Invoices: This page provides details to all the consulting services we have provided to you over time as well as any extra-billing invoices you may have incurred. A linked read-only Excel spreadsheet is always available for download and hard copy printing. There are also links to PDF versions of the invoices and PayPal / Stripe links to allow for easy payment of the invoices. Bookkeeping has been made easy for the trust administrators. There is now an embedded My Service Log that summarizes each consulting action we took on your behalf.

  • Quick Links: This page offers a variety of shortcuts to get you to crucial information that you might use often, as quickly as possible.

  • News: This section provides the latest news items as well as a development timeline that will keep you up-to-date as to the projects we are working on and the completion status of each.

  • My Platforms: This section provides links and login credentials to all of the relevant external platforms such as this one on Teachable, the Registered Agent's website in Indiana, the Indiana State Government website to manage the bi-annual LLC registration, and details about your subscription to the Management & Maintenance Course with Trusteeship representation (Gold plan only).

If you get lost, each page has an audio instructional tutorial called Page Instructions where I walk you through the explanation of each page at the click of a mouse. Please take the time now to create a profile on this new client portal so we can begin to centralize all your STS program management into one convenient location. If you need assistance, please contact me directly as per the contact details listed within the courses you have subscribed to.

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