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How to create a transparent signature to imbed in your documents

If you have ever wondered how content creators add a real signature to an electronic document that can be used repeatedly, here is how we do it. This method is surprisingly easy to do and will save you a tremendous amount of time when you need to add a signature to several documents without having to first print them off, sign them, scan them, and re-upload them to your folder.

  1. Sign a piece of blank white paper as you would normally sign any document.

  2. Scan the sheet of paper and save it as a .png file.

  3. Go to this website link

  4. Using your windows file explorer (or apple equivalent) find the saved file on your hard drive, and then drag the file to the left hand blue box. OR, Choose the Import from file function at the bottom of the blue box, navigate to the signature file, and click Open to upload it to the creator.

  5. It will instantly be changed to a signature file with a transparent background.

  6. To save the file back to your hard drive, choose Save as then Download to select a place to store it for future use. Give it a new name ending in - transparent so you will know which version to use for your documents.

  7. Now, open your desired document that you need to sign, such as a word processor or spreadsheet, choose Insert, then choose Picture. Locate the file and insert the signature file where you want it to show in the document.

  8. You will then need to right click on the inserted image file (in Word) and select the option to Wrap Text from the drop down menu, then chose In Front of Text. This will then allow you to resize and position the signature exactly where you need it.

  9. Now save the document with your signature file in place.

  10. Save your file again as a PDF or, if you have a PDF printer installed, print it to the PDF printer. This method of saving your file makes it so that your signature is non-editable by the receiving party.

So now you know the secret of how to create a transparent signature file to be used repeatedly on all sorts of documents!

Let us know your thoughts in the box below.

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