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Navigating this site

Before you begin to read the various courses in our Asset Pro university, please take a moment to understand how to best navigate around this Teachable platform once you are in a course.

  • First of all, whenever you see words in bold and gold, or bold and underlined words, hover your mouse over the text to see if there is an associated link to a file or another web page. These are known as hot links and are designed to initiate an action, such as a file download, take you to another lecture, or open a web page external to this course.

When you see a picture, try clicking on it to see if it initiates an action as just described.

  • Many lectures will have embedded videos. Just click the centre of the video and it will start playing. You may start and pause the video the same way. To navigate within the video, simply click on the progress bar at the bottom of the video to search forward or backwards. To expand the video to full screen mode, click on the square at the bottom right corner of the playing video. Hit the escape key to exit full screen mode at any time.

  • Sometimes you will see a file with a title ending in mp3 or wav. These are audio files and will play audio tracks when clicked.

  • Some pages will have embedded tables called Airtables. These will contain many items in a grid or card format that are clickable, searchable, and sortable databases used for your convenience to host other information, links, downloadable files, instructions, and more.

At the top left corner of the page of a course or a lecture within the course, you will see a left pointing arrow. Clicking on this will navigate back one section to the course curriculum (if you are within a lecture), or to the main course page (if you are already in the curriculum section).

  • When at the main courses page, you will see the word Blog at the top right margin of the page. Click on this to read past and current posts that I will be using to keep students informed on course developments, new items, legal updates, and many other importance announcements. You will find this very useful to stay up-to-date. Although I will endeavor to send out important emails after posting to this blog, I will always post the announcements here first. Often times spam filters will catch my emails and I may not know that you failed to see the email. This blog will be the main gateway of communication so check in on it at least every couple weeks to keep informed.

  • Next to the word Blog, you will see an outline of a head in a circle. This is your profile icon and it allows you to make certain updates to your email, credit card, and other information.

Once you click start or enter a course, or a lecture within a course, you will see a menu down the left margin that is both scrollable and clickable, just like the browser window you are in now. Each lecture will have a circle that is empty when you first start a course. As you click on each lecture in this window, you will notice that it changes to a half black, half white circle to indicate the lecture that you are currently in. Navigating along this column simply changes lectures without permanently marking the lecture as completed.

  • Once you have fully completed the material within a lecture, and you wish to check it off as completed, select the Complete and Continue at the top of each lecture. This will put a permanent checkmark in the circle to indicate you have completed the lecture successfully. Once you complete a lecture, you cannot undo the mark so only use this navigation method when you want to indicate that you have finished with the topic and move to the next lecture. You can always review previous lectures using the navigation window but the circle will stay check marked as completed from this point forward.

To navigate back to the previous lecture without marking the current lecture as complete, you can use the Previous Lecture navigator tool at the top of the lecture page.

  • Finally, within most pages, you will see a comments section at the bottom of the page. Feel free to make any comments that are relevant about the content in the current lecture only. Don't put personal information in those comments that you don't want shared with others, but do mention any experiences you have that you want to share with others for their benefit; feedback you have on the content of the page such as broken links, tips, advice, or errors you notice; as well as any suggestions you have for improvement or clarity on that lecture. I will receive a notice that a comment is waiting to be moderated. I will screen it for relevance and privacy requirements, and then post it if relevant.

  • If you are finished with a lecture:

Click the Complete and Continue -> right facing arrow at the top right corner of the page to complete a lesson and move to the next one.

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