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STS Program Management & Maintenance

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Learn how to properly manage, maintain, and administer your asset protection program for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Once you have activated and properly set up the STS Program, the appointed Trustees now have the fiduciary responsibility to manage and administer the Trust assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries, the certificate holders. Regardless of who the appointed voting and non-voting Trustees may be now or in the future, they will require ongoing teaching and training on how to manage the Contract Trust, which is really a property management business managed by trustees. They must stay current on the latest administrative forms, legal case precedents, statutory and non-statutory changes, tax laws, and much more. In the past, clients relied on cumbersome email, weekly call-in shows, and live seminar events to ask questions and gather information. Response delays, junk mail filters, incomplete information, and agent illnesses are possible weaknesses that can frustrate trustees in effectively executing their duties. Thankfully, that old way of learning from and relying on SME's (subject matter experts) is now a thing of the past. Technology has made self-paced learning possible 24/7/365. Enroll now to help support this virtual learning platform and the ongoing creation of content that will assist Trustees, managers, and administrators in the effective ongoing administration of the STS Program.

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