Plans & Pricing Page Instructions - James Steele IV
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Our Pricing Plans and Options

(Priced in Canadian Dollars)

NEW Procedure (effective 12/01/19)

This website is your gateway to managing your STS Program though your personal client profile. Please read this page carefully as there are several steps to do to get activated with your management portal, and several ways to pay for your annual trust services maintenance fees. Once set-up, you will enjoy 24/7 ease of access to all the tools you will need to manage an STS Program using the latest in online e-learning technology. 

Please Note: This self-enrollment interface is new as of December 1, 2019. If you encounter any issues with the shopping cart below where payments are not being processed, pleased advise James right away using the contact form on the home page. We do have a manual enrolment process where we assist in the full setup. This service is provided free of charge. 

Here are the sequential Steps to Follow (please read carefully)

  1. If you haven't yet created a user name on this client portal, please return to the home page, and follow the instructions in the box at the upper right margin. You must create an account and login for the shopping cart to work. Once you have selected and paid for your course options below, we can then match up your payment to your account record. If you have any issues along the way, use the Let's Chat call-out bubble at the bottom of the page to instant message us for help. If we are available to answer, someone will respond shortly during our waking hours.

  2. Next, you must create an account on the Teachable website so we can manually register you in the appropriate courses after you make your selection(s) from the cart below. Simply click here to create a new student ID and then click on the Join for Free button to create a student account on that platform which hosts all of the relevant training and educational resources you will need to manage an STS Program. After joining there, you will be able to review the outlines of the various resources that will be available to you once you have been enrolled in those courses. Return to this page when finished and proceed to step 3.

  3. In order to grant you access to the back office as an STS client, create a member account record on this client portal, verify your status, and begin the process of completing the Oaths of Confidentiality between you and us, you must first subscribe to and complete the STS Non-Disclosure Process to validate your status as an STS Program holder or Trustee. Once we receive your documents, we will enable you as a member in the back office which will allow you to create the STS member record. You may purchase the setup fee using the shopping cart button below and we will manually enroll you in that course on Teachable within 48 hours. This enrollment method saves us about 10% transaction and currency conversion fees, so we prefer that you use this method. You may also pay for the setup fee directly on the Teachable site (in USD) using the Enroll in Course for $20 self-enroll button to gain instant access. If you encounter any challenges using the shopping cart on this page, please let us know, or simply use this direct enrollment linkReturn to this site when finished and continue to follow the steps in your autoresponder emails to finish updating your account info on the My Account page.

PLEASE NOTE: We request that both Canadian and American clients register through THIS PAGE in Canadian dollars (rather than directly enrolling in the courses on Teachable), which helps us to save 10% in transaction and currency conversion fees. You can pay by any major credit card or PayPal through the interface below. If you are an American, or merely a Canadian wishing to pay directly in USD rather than in CAD, you may choose to register and gain instant access to those courses by self-enrolling directly on the Teachable platform. We also have several options to pay through Stripe, PayPal, or email transfer. Contact James if you prefer one of these other methods. If you happen to encounter any errors during the checkout process, please contact him right away.


After enrolling through this shopping cart, please allow up to 48 hours for us to match up your purchase with your profile on Teachable, and to activate your chosen courses. Reminder: You will need to create a separate user name on Teachable before we can manually enroll you in the courses on that platform. (Please make sure to use the same email registration on both platforms for easy identification).

For full course details, click the COURSES button in the menu bar.

For US-based clients, this cart is priced in Canadian currency to simplify our system. The approximate USD prices are as follows: $20, $38, $297, $222, $523, and $750 respectively based on a $1.33 CAD:USD exchange rate as of 12/1/19. 
Everyone needs both the STS Non-Disclosure Process AND the STS Gold Management & Maintenance subscriptions (either monthly or annual prepaid plan). These are the replacements to MPG's annual fee to Trust Services. The set-up programs offered below are optional for those new to setting up an STS program from scratch, or to pass on that knowledge to the successor trustees.
Plans & Pricing Page Instructions - James Steele IV
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