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Financial Crisis -
Protecting Your Assets in Times of Turmoil

"Total Asset Privacy & Impenetrable Asset Protection

Plus - The Ultimate Estate Planning Tool for Baby Boomers!"


PLUS Bonus Financial Education Content.


The Wealth Coaches







Part 1




NEXT SEMINAR DATE: TBA (5:00pm - 8:00pm)

Additional new content never before seen - extended seminar; click the registration link to learn more.

Registration is $19 for Early Birds before Oct 21; $29 thereafter (+fees + GST). Doors open 15 minutes prior.



Learn How to

Privately and Impenetrably Protect Your Wealth From

Creditors, Law Suits, Government Agencies, and Tax Authorities!


Generationally repel legal attacks from creditors, lawsuits, estate & probate fees, statutory fines like CASL, ID theft fallout, bankruptcy, business failures, personal injury suits, parental financial liability of children, car accident lawsuits, and much more...


Learn why the Super Wealthy

are very seldom, if ever, sued.


The #1 Secret of the Wealthy:




"The Super Wealthy don't have loop-holes...they simply know the law, and their rights, very well...and these same laws and rights are available to you...

You just don't know about them...

At least not yet!"


After this event, you will be one of the INFORMED:

You will learn how to use the LAW to your advantage.


To introduce this evening, we will discuss how historical events such as the DotCom bubble and 9/11 greatly effected past markets, as well as the looming Financial Crisis of 2105, and the strategies you should consider to preserve your wealth NOW. Once we have set the tone for WHY you need to protect your assets, we will discuss how the Ultra-Rich protect their assets from seizure, bank bail-ins, and other legal assaults to their wealth.


 Usually in part 2 of the seminar, clients will learn first-hand how to activate their trust programs, step-by-step. Handouts included. This section will not be offered due to time restrictions this day. 


"Wealth is neither created nor destroyed; it simply flows from uneducated investors to educated investors."


 "Ignorance of the Law is No Longer an Excuse"

You have reached the proverbial fork in the road and your





Part 2




NEXT WORKSHOP DATE: TBA (4:00pm - 6:00pm)

(Workshop: $29 + gst + ticket fees)  Doors open 15 minutes prior. 




is proud to host:


Specialized Trust Strategy





Presented by




Professional Alberta providers of the (STS) Specialized Trust Strategy, which evolved from tried and true strategies used by the old-money rich for centuries. Whether you are new to the STS program or are a current client, come and learn how to properly activate and administer one of the world's ONLY legal, affordable, yet totally impenetrable asset privacy and asset protection programs available.


So you own the STS Program;

Now What?


Learn How to

Activate the STS Properly


In this workshop we will walk you through the detailed process of activating your Specialized Trust Strategy for maximum protection.


Topics to be Covered:

  • The Green Book walk-through
  • STS Activation - Preparation Summary
  • STS Activation - Detailed Binder Steps
  • What To Do When You’re Attacked
  • UCC-1 Filing Instructions
  • PPSA Filing Instructions
  • Vehicle Lien Filing Instructions
  • Bank Account Set-up
  • Third Party Appointments & Contracts (Trustees, Managers, Administrators, Contractors, Minute Orders, Confidentiality Agreements)
  • IT Software Set-up for Administering the STS
  • Filing System
  • Inventory of Trust Assets - The How & Why.

Following the workshop, we will have Q&A time to answer specific questions you may have. Bring your STS binders with you.


Remember, “Wealth is neither created nor destroyed; it simply flows from uneducated investors to educated investors."

That’s how the rich get richer and the poor, poorer…

- and the world keeps turning…

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