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Everything You Own, can be taken from you Instantly and Without Warning!

    #1 Wealth Secret of the Ultra-Rich:



Total Asset Privacy & Impenetrable Asset Protection

Kevlar Vest
Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak

Financial Kevlar





Everyone knows how effectively a bullet proof vest can repel an attack. And most of us have likely seen at least one of the Harry Potter movies at some point in our lives. (Click on Harry's face to see the magic.)


Imagine an Impenetrable Kevlar Invisibility Cloak wrapped around

your entire financial life! THAT, is what we provide!

If you have made it to this page, congratulations and thank you for your interest in this incredibly important and powerful Asset Privacy & Asset Protection program. In the 1976 book by Gary Allan, The Rockefeller File, it was stated that the key to the free enterprise system is to


“OWN Nothing; CONTROL Everything”


For centuries, the super wealthy families of the world like the Morgan’s, Rothschild’s, DuPont’s, and Rockefeller’s, have known and mastered this secret to accumulating wealth and passing it on to their subsequent generations, tax-free, and without probate fees of any kind.


Utilizing two binders of carefully structured legal documents, we help you to privately and irrevocably place all of your financial and personal property assets into a Contractual Business Trust where they are instantly and securely protected for future generations. As the appointed controlling trustee, YOU then manage your now former assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries (whomever you designate), which can include yourself, your kids, or other third parties, such as your favorite charity.


This classical estate planning strategy of the super wealthy effectively stops ALL creditors, rogue government agencies, oppressive taxing authorities, lawyers, and other claimants from EVER getting their hands on your hard-earned assets. The Trust documents replace all wills and other beneficial designations, thereby avoiding probate and removing any third-party influence over one’s estate. The rich use the law to their full advantage and do not teach this hidden strategy to the masses. However, they do help make the laws that allow such Trusts to shield their wealth from prying eyes and legal attacks. Over time, the techniques behind their hidden strategy has been slowly revealed by insiders and various court cases, and now we are sharing it with you.


We regularly host presentations for business groups which we have also turned into an online instructional multimedia course for you to review at your leisure. The direct link to this online course is here:

Much of the material we will share is included within the online course, so please register for it if you haven't already. Once registered, you may also watch the various private videos posted in the Insider Videos section of the course. You simply need to register as student of the STS Introduction Course in order to watch the featured video presentations and to read valuable due diligence research documents. Learn More Now.


After you have viewed the videos and completed the online course, we would like to get your feedback on this program. But first, please ponder these key questions:


What would it be worth to you if we could show you, in Only One HOUR, how to:


  • Maintain Total Privacy of your financial affairs?

  • Insulate yourself against Cyprus-style bank bail-ins?

  • Guard against frozen bank accounts and unwarranted attacks by taxing authorities?

  • Creditor-proof your assets?

  • Never be forced to declare bankruptcy?

  • Protect your assets Privately, Permanently, and for Generations?

  • Eliminate the cause of estate taxes, probate & legal fees, and business succession costs?

  • Receive substantial annual tax benefits by running your life as a business?

  • Insulate your business from any possible legal attack?

  • Prevent forced collection of all statutory fines like CASL?

  • Protect the equity in your real estate holdings from any legal assault?

  • Eliminate Parental Financial Liability of Children and their Debts

  • Protect yourself from many more sources of financial & legal attack?



ONE HOUR of your time could save you $10,000 - $50,000+/yr



Sounds too good to be true? That’s what we thought until we researched it and discovered the


 #1 Wealth Secret of the Ultra-Rich: OWN NOTHING but CONTROL EVERYTHING!


Who Needs Asset Protection?


This strategy is very relevant for everyone including real estate agents, investors, financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, bankers, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, business owners, baby boomers and their kids, retirees, and all young people just starting out in life.


We know life gets busy, but we urge you to take some time to review the resources in this online course; we know you will really appreciate the tremendous legal protection and estate planning / tax benefits of this program.


DON'T' WAIT. Procrastination is Opportunity's Assassin!


Every 30 seconds someone gets sued in North America, and many lose their financial assets as a result.


PROTECT YOURSELF before it happens to you!


Why You Need Asset Protection


Every person and business today are potentially open to having everything they own, taken from them, Instantly and Without Warning! Below are some of the potential threats to your personal or business assets.


(Register here for the FREE on-line course to learn more about these)


  • Identity theft

  • Car accidents

  • Divorce

  • CASL

  • Succession planning

  • Capital gains & estate tax hits / probate fees

  • House fires

  • Parental liability of children

  • Liability claims (dog bites, property slips & falls, etc.)

  • Landlord liability to tenants

  • Frivolous or deep-pocket lawsuits

  • Medical draw-downs

  • Tax liens

  • Credit default

  • Bankruptcies

  • and much more!


UNLESS you are protected with this hidden strategy of the ultra-rich.


Background - Asset Protection


This technique, which was developed over many decades by the super wealthy, is available to everyone because of the very case law precedents and constitutional law that allows private contracts and trust strategies such as this to exist and persist.


More information, downloadable supporting case law, and private videos are available to our enrolled students here.


As incredible as it may sound, this program really is NOT "too good to be true", but it is a hidden strategy of the ultra-rich. Our senior partner has a constitutional law background and can verify the veracity of the law supporting this strategy. Since 1998, our supplier has devoted his extensive wealth management, estate planning, and legal expertise to revealing this hidden strategy to citizens and protecting the assets of thousands of clients and their advisors. His clients have never lost a single nickel to legal attack despite over 700 attempts since 2013!

This is NOT an insurance plan;

it is NOT an MLM program;

and it is NOT a scam. 

But it IS

an extremely legal, validated, and court-tested estate planning strategy

put together and utilized by the super wealthy families of the world

to hide and protect their assets from forfeiture. 


You simply have never been shown this technique - until NOW.

Undoubtedly, YOU may know a great many wealthy people, baby boomers, or elderly parents who would love to know how to transfer their estates, tax-free and probate-free, to their heirs. Let us show you the BEST way we know of to do it legally. We need to meet for about an hour by webcast, in person, or on our online course to review this strategy in more detail. Simply Contact Us today and let us know when works best for you. Enjoy your study until then and, if you haven't already, be sure to register for the online STS introductory course on our Client Portal.


Learn More



You may also visit our YouTube Channel playlist under Asset Privacy and Protection for more details.

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