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January 12, 2023:


This page provides a link to the new Asset Pro - STS Group discussion Blog. As an registered student of our course platform, you can read and post to a variety of topics related to the STS program. You will also receive email notifications whenever new topics are added, questions are posted from other members, or questions are answered by the group moderator. This will help you keep up to date on the program as you manage your life going forward under the protection of the STS.


When you first registered for your set-up activation service with us or one of our partners, you would have provided the names of Trust 1, Trust 2, the LLC, and other identifying information. If you have not yet registered with us, please Enroll to Join for Free so you can access this private blog. 


We highly recommend you create a free Gmail account for access to this blog. Many file links throughout our system require you to sign in using an email account, and Gmail integrates nicely with the rest of our system. 

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