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Real Estate Educator

RL.: November 2014


We were recently asked to speak to a group of real estate investment students by the instructor, a seasoned real estate investor and educator himself, with over 28 years of experience in this field. He has now asked us to provide the STS program to his students going forward, and this is an excerpt from a letter to his students which he forwarded to us.


"RISK MANAGEMENT - As any of you know who have coached with me or done training with me in the past, I consider this a prerequisite prior to actually investing in any real estate. I have seen so many people do so many foolish things that leave them and their families WIDE OPEN to lose everything, including their personal home, because they were not properly corporately structured. This is so very, very important.


You would never see the wealthy invest in anything without first being protected. Why would you take the chance? It makes absolutely no sense at all. The secret that the wealthy understand and practice to the “T” is to own nothing and control everything. This should be posted on your refrigerator door! We are bringing the risk management training to you in 2015."

STS Client Feedback

Craig B.: March 2015


Included in our STS set-up service is an introduction to a local banker to set up the Trust and LLC bank accounts. One of the emails we send after the banker appointment is booked, is a detailed page itemizing what to say to the banker, what items to bring to the appointment, and what type of accounts to subscribe to. We also include helpful links to the Indiana State Government's website for bankers to easily verify the LLC registration, as well as helpful links to FATCA, the Tax Protocol Treaty of 2007, and to LLC opinion sites validating their use in Canada. One of our clients had this to say about the email intro we sent:


"Thanks James…. this is thorough and easy to understand! A great one page resource!"


STS Client Feedback

VMS.: March 2015


Hi James, just a quick note to thank you for your time this afternoon. Your grasp and knowledge around these topics is most impressive. We look forward to learning more ourselves. I believe that we could make a good team moving forward. We look forward to meeting Coral next time. Warm regards.

STS Client Feedback

MB.: September 2015


Hello James,


Oh my goodness!! How I appreciated your phone call tonight... in the evening no less! Most people's down time! But no... you were patiently helping me figure out the whole Dropbox account thing, plus, plus, plus. You definitely go above & beyond the call of duty James!... and I soooo appreciate it!!!


With all your help, I realized I CAN do this... especially with the expertise of someone like yourself to come alongside. Yay!!


Thank you so much, James! You are such a team player.


Bless you bunches!

STS Client Feedback

JEC.: March 2015


Hi James


Went Friday and set up an account with Bank of Montreal - went seemlessly - got cheques, debit card, credit card :) Got our funds deposited.  Thank you for your help! Now ready to get this trust completed :)

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