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Asset Privacy & Asset Protection for Everyone!

Every person or business today is potentially open to having everything they own taken from them. These are some of the potential threats to your personal or business assets.

  • Identity theft

  • car accidents

  • divorce

  • house fires

  • parental liability of children

  • liability claims (dog bites, property slips & falls, etc.)

  • frivolous or deep-pocket lawsuits

  • medical draw-downs

  • tax liens

  • and bankruptcies

UNLESS you are protected with this secret strategy of the ultra-rich.

This program, which was created over many decades by the super wealthy, is available to everyone because of the very case law precedents and constitutional law that allows private contracts and trust strategies such as this to exist and persist.

This asset privacy and protection program, known as the Specialized Trust Strategy, was pioneered by JP Morgan and the Rockefellers, and used by many other wealthy families like the DuPont's, Oppenheimer's, Rothschilds, etc. to protect their assets from law suits and seizures from any and all entities.

Download "The Rockefeller Files" from our home page.

The program is supported by numerous instances in case law, and has apparently NEVER been successfully penetrated by any lawyers or government agencies anywhere in the world. It relies on the law of private contracts, Article 1 Section 10, Paragraph 1, of the US constitution (the most powerful legal document ever written), and the international Uniform Commercial Code treaty. When combined properly, these three documents allow for total and complete asset protection and privacy that absolutely cannot be penetrated!

As citizens, we are open to attack by asset predators who would go after each of us in a heartbeat, frivolously or not, if they can connect us with any event in a legal liability manner. With this program and the UCC-1 lien which you would file on your own assets, you are completely and totally protected for life from the moment you submit the application. You become the managing trustee of your own trust, the assets of which are owned by a LLC or CCPC which, in turn, has an equitable UCC-1 lien against the equity portion of the assets assigned to the trust that only you control. The assets and pledged income streams from your earnings can never be touched. It's like a bullet proof Kevlar vest for your assets.

Because of priority position, if something happens to you first and proceedings are initiated against you, it is then too late to protect your assets. However, once you initiate the program you are immediately and privately protected.

Our supplier has opined that most lawyers do not understand or believe the legitimacy of this program at first glance. But they always find out the strength of it if they ever attack a client of the program! As you learn more about the STS program, you will no doubt be very intrigued and you will likely have some questions about it. Our provider has researched, uncovered, and refined this program over the last 18 years and they are the world-wide experts in this field. Once you are satisfied with the strength and legitimacy of this strategy, we invite you to talk to us about how we could provide this program to you and your contacts, family, and friends.

Watch the videos in these links and get back to us with your thoughts.

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel playlist at Asset Privacy and Protection for more details.

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